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Le Voyage Créatif


Let’s go on a creative journey, you and I. Let’s embark on a quest for beauty, the realm of possibility, and do it all with vigilance, heart, and soul. I'm Margaret - a maker, photographer, designer, stylist, sweater-monger, and insufferable homebody. When I’m not at ballet class or pouring over Architectural Digest in the bath tub, I am hard at work building brands, planning out photoshoots, making product for my online shoppe, and constantly chasing new inspiration. I am a hunter and gatherer of unique objects, perspectives, and ideas. Jack London said, “You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club”, and that’s exactly what I do every single day.

Working with me is a palatial, luxury experience all around. I want you to feel balanced, steadfast, and confident, as you are about to take your brand into a whole different realm. My job is to help you discover your brand’s potential, and to give you the tools you need to grow. Getting up every day and doing what I love makes me come alive. I want to encourage you to simply show up and let me help you do the same. So let’s go on a creative journey together. As much, or as little as you need, I will work for you, wholeheartedly.

antiques & VINTAGE


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