Slow Living Is Not Dead


Despite the hash tagging and blogging out there right now, Slow Living is not over saturated.  It’s not over hyped.  It is important.  Now more than ever!  We are living in a society where everyone is trying to scream to the masses.  We want to be noticed, and we don’t want to be left behind.  We constantly find ourselves saying, “If only I had THIS bag, my life would look like that blogger I follow”.  Or, “If only I were her size, I could be getting all these vacations and taking amazing photos and living my best life”.  I’ve told myself these lies for so long, and when I discovered the art of Slow Living, I knew it was time to stop the “I’m not ____ enough” talk I’ve been telling myself FOR YEARS.

Slow Living is possible for anyone, no matter how old you are, your season in life, or where you live.  Whether you live in the city, or in the rolling hills of the countryside.  Whether you’re an employee, an employer, an entrepreneur, a parent, a student, whatever!  It’s not about the perfect breakfast of rolled oats that have been cooking for five hours.  It’s not about the perfect cups of tea you pour, or the hours of free time you have.  I live in the city, so my version of Slow Living isn't me strolling through a cow pasture in my Hunter boots and a perfect chunky sweater.  (Although, that sounds lovely!) For me, it usually looks like sitting down and have a frozen Eggo waffle alone in my kitchen without my phone, and that makes me happy.  It’s all about how you use your time, and use it intentionally to slow yourself down, and slowly whisper to yourself, “You are enough”.  


Everyone always says “YOLO” and “Live each day like it were your last day”!  Very true,  you do only live once.  So if I’m going to live once, I’m going to spend a few more minutes sitting around the fireplace with my family on the weekends.  I’m going to put my phone away at dinner with my boyfriend and enjoy our night together.  I may walk a little further down the beach, or the trail, or city street, and keep my head up and absorb what it is around me.  I may spend a few extra minutes in the shower even, without any distractions, alone with my thoughts.  This incredible Croque Madame I’m eating at a restaurant, I’m going to chew it a little more slowly instead of inhaling it like a monster.  (I'm a fast eater).

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that it’s the little things that matter most.  And yes while it’s amazing to take that dream vacation, go sky diving, walk The Great Wall, or whatever it is on your bucket list, I encourage you to pause in the stillness, and be in the moment.  Slow Living is so important, and it’s something that I am intentionally choosing to practice more this year. 

Less is more.  Time is precious.  Life is amazing.  People are incredible.   Say YES to more precious moments with your loved ones.  Say YES to self care.  Say YES to creating more time for what matters to you.  Say NO to things that aren't serving you.  Say NO to relationships that are stale, that are toxic, or do not serve you.  Say NO to things that rob you of your time, money, and sanity.  Slow Living means saying "NO" sometimes, and that's ok!  Because "NO" is a full sentence, and "NO" is the magic word that will set you free.  

I'd love to know what does Slow Living mean to you?  What changes have you made in your life to live a little bit slower?  Leave a comment below!