Edit your Photos like a Pro


Ever since the spring show season ended, I’ve basically been a total vegetable. 

Working full time and prepping for these shows has been a lot for me emotionally, mentally, physically..  I’ve honestly been enjoying just coming home after work every day, cooking dinner, and watching Office re-runs or Brian de Palma movies on the couch with Jon. 

It’s been lovely.  My laziness was completely necessary, I really think I needed it!  But applying for fall shows this week got me so excited and motivated again.  

In the midst of this “maker sabbatical”, I’ve been doing a lot of BTS work on Hiraeth. 

Blogging, photography, free guides, you name it.  Most of which I can do from the couch or my bed, so I haven’t been completely dormant, but you get me. 

Today, I’m really excited today to launch my FREE guide to Lightroom Editing, which explores the basics of editing if you’re just getting started in photography and really want to take your photos to the next level. 

You can download the guide below, and you’ll also get access to 5 free Lightroom presets that I created just for you to get you started! 

The guide takes you through a step-by-step process of editing a photo in Lightroom, start to finish.  The free presets eliminate a lot of the leg work that it takes to edit a photo from scratch, with just a few tweaks here and there.  I really wanted you guys to get the full scope of what is possible in Lightroom, and the potential your photos have.

Most of what I learned in Photoshop and Lightroom has just been from pure play and trial and error. 

I studied textile design in college, but only had half a semester of Photoshop.  THAT’S IT.  In order to even execute any of my projects, I had to teach myself a lot, and rely on help from the other ladies in my program that were all in the same boat as I was.  We really helped each other out so that we could all get our projects done on time, and done well. 

That creative community is something I miss terribly about college, but that’s another story for another day! 

All that being said, I wanted to give you this resource to help you out too.  Maybe you didn’t go to school for photography, or graphic design, or art, but you still need to photograph your product, or represent your brand well. 

Well guess what, I didn’t go to school for photography or graphic design either, yet, here I am, creating logos and doing photographs as my side hustle.  It took a lot of time and effort, but I've really enjoyed my creative ride, watching my work grow and improve, and toiling around in Lightroom has been a huge part of that.

So if you want to up your photo game and dive into all that Lightroom has to offer, click here to get BOTH the guide and the presets today!

Margaret Perkins