9 Ways to Elevate your Space



1.  Build a Gallery Wall

Rip out some pages of an old book, frame your favorite photographs, make a collage, or frame some beautiful sketches, or hang some found objects. 

My gallery wall is a combination of photography I love, some found objects I’ve saved, and some art that I’ve picked up from flea markets and estate sales. 

Images left to right: Jersey Ice Cream Co., Unknown/Pinterest, Havenly, Unknown/Pinterest

2.  Use Appropriate Sized Rugs

It’s better to have no rug at all than to have one that doesn’t appropriately fit your space.  There’s nothing worse than seeing a rug that just barely fits under the coffee table it’s paired with, or a runner that’s too small to make sense for the space it’s occupying.  If it’s a matter of money, save up for the bigger size, and don’t go with the smaller size to just save $50.  It’s so worth it in the end, and really makes a huge impact on a room.

Images left to right: Jersey Ice Cream Co., Unknown/Pinterest, Havenly, Unknown/Pinterest

3.  Get Proper Drapes

Time to throw away those dinky little Target tension rods and the curtains you had in your college apartment.  Window treatments are the jewelry of the room, and drab curtains can really put a wet blanket on the whole vibe of your space.  Heavy drapes, or layered curtains and sophisticated hardware help make the space look more thoughtful and mature. I feel like the art of good drapery has been lost of late, and I think it’s time to revive it!

Images left to right: Unknown/Pinterest, Unknown/Pinterest, Unknown/Pinterest, Ashli Mizell

4. Step up your Lighting Game

Lighting becomes increasingly important as you begin to dress your nest! Investing in statement pieces for your home will bring years of enjoyment, and will have a large impact on the overall feeling of your space. Spend some time researching some local makers or small businesses that create hand crafted lighting. There may be a long lead time since most small businesses create things by hand and are made to order, but believe me, it’s worth it! For so many years I hung on to lamps I had from Ikea or Target that I got in college just because they were there and they got the job done. But after looking at them, I realized I REALLY didn’t even like them! I’ve been slowly adding some more refined lighting to my home.

Images left to right: Natalie Page, Lostine, Jenny Wolf Interiors (Robert True Ogden lamp), Lindsey Adelman

5.  Display your Kitchen Tools

Utility meets provincial life when you display your cookware and cleaning supplies! I love a good storage solution, so I would recommend getting some pot racks, peg racks, a ladder, a wall organizer, or something that can easily hang on your wall and provide ultimate storage!  Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Images left to right: Jersey Ice Cream Co., Dehn Bloom Design, Marjorie Skouras, Beth Kirby

6.  Mix High and Low

Not everything in your home needs to be by Eames or Nakashima, but it shouldn’t all be Ikea either.  Hold out for a few special pieces, or ardent finds at an antique store that are really special, and then use the rest of your budget to fill in the cracks.  For example, maybe you have a beautiful, basic couch from Wayfair or Joss & Main, but you have a few really nice throw pillows, an antique coffee table, or a gorgeous Moroccan rug.  Mix things up!  You don’t want your space to feel too cheap and generic, yet you don’t want it to scream “I’m trying too hard” if everything you have is brand name or on the higher end side of the spectrum.  Trust me, nothing screams desperation (and dare I say bad taste!) than decking out your home with all brand names.  It totally has the opposite effect. 

Images left to right: The Aesthetic Eye/Lucie, Unknown/Pinterest, Khoury Vogt Architects, Garden & Gun

7.  Add Texture

Have a few fantastic throws, some Icelandic sheepskins, leather accents, or some fiber wall hangings in your space. 

Images left to right: Shade Degges Photography, Unknown/Pinterest, The Hiraeth Collection, Farmhouse Pottery

8. Paint or Wallpaper

A coat of paint can do WONDERS for your home.  I recommend white, black, gray, or a neutral color, but you can have fun with blues, greens, and pinks as well. Plaster is also having a moment. It can be pretty expensive to have it done, but Benjamin Moore makes one that you can do easily at home yourself with a few coats. If you’re not allowed to paint if you’re renting, like me, I love using adhesive wall paper to spruce up a space.  Here are some of my favorite ideas!

Images left to right: Leone Design Studio, Jersey Ice Cream Co., Jersey Ice Cream Co., John Saladino

9.  Update your Hardware

Hardware is a simple solution to add a little more personality to a space.  It’s such a subtle but significant detail. Give your old dresser a bit of a makeover, or add some personality to your kitchen cabinets or bathroom.  Change out the switch plate on your wall, or add some hooks that are functional, yet beautiful. If you’re renting, just save the old hardware and be sure to put it back before you go.  Here are some of my favorite options!

Images left to right: Lostine, Uni,, Jeron Van de Gruitter, Matureware






Margaret Perkins