Sticks and Stones Jewelry


I was enlisted by Blonde & Blue Boutique to photograph this creative endeavor the other weekend right here in our beautiful city with Sticks Stones Style jewelry.

We ran around the city to all my favorite spots to shoot several looks with these bold jewelry pieces. I pulled clothes that would convey the sophisticated side of the brand, while still being true to its edgy and alluring protagonist. I had several items in my wardrobe that I knew we absolutely had to use for this shoot. The piece I was most excited about was this gorgeous watercolor slip dress from Vince. I’ve worn it to countless weddings and events, and while I’m not much for prints, it as an allure that constantly keeps me coming back to it.

@alyssanichele, our model, was a total natural. A beauty, and a pleasure to work with on and off set. She made my job so so easy, and was willing to do anything we asked.

@madmakeupofficial and @cswope425 absolutely nailed the hair and makeup look for the day. They perfectly executed a smokey, sultry sophistication. I wanted to be Alyssa so badly, looking fierce and effortlessly cool - she looked better in my clothes than I did!  

I made us a brunch reservation at Wm. Mulherin’s, a moody modern spot around the corner in Fishtown. Next was Suraya, I knew the back garden would be empty because it was a particularly cloudy, chilly day. After a quick pit stop to change outfits, I took the crew over to the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I had been there the previous day to scope it out, and find the perfect spots for the shoot. I loved the colors of the exterior, the Versailles like flooring, and the odd creatures carved into the fountain. It had enough negative space, without taking away from the overall impact that would come out of the photographs. The lighting was perfect, the columns were vast and lonely. And that slip dress needed a moment.

Locations in order:

Wm. Mulherin’s & Sons | Philadelphia Museum of Art | Suraya | Jinxed

Featured Designers: Sticks and Stones Jewelry | Watercolor slip dress - Vince | Boots - Saint Laurent | Trench coat - Helmut Lang

Margaret Perkins