Welcome to Haus of Hiraeth

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Welcome to Haus of Hiraeth, my friends!  After much debate and inner turmoil, I decided it was best for me to go with a name that best suited me and my business.  I had been wanting to change the name of  my business for a while, but having to get new business cards, post cards, a new url, change alllll my Pinterest pins, and such held me back for a bit, but happily there are no regrets, and I am excited to embark on a new journey with a new name!

One thing I never expected to do in my life was to start a business.  Can anyone else relate!?  I was always a "play it safe" kind of person, happy to go with the flow, clock in, clock out, repeat.  However, I kept envisioning this other version of myself, a 'dream life', and the path I was on was not going to get me from point A to point B.  

I needed to stop waiting for others to take care of me, and realized that I had to make my dreams happen.  One of my favorite quotes to this day is by Mark Duplass, a horror film director.  He sums up this entire notion into one simple moment of clarity…

 "The calvary isn't coming".  In other words, nothing will happen unless I make it happen.  No one will make my dreams come true.  No one will hand me the life that I want.  No one will value me, unless I value myself.  

I naively lived my life waiting for someone to come along and give me my big break, or offer me their coattails that I could ride into safety and security.  But when I heard Mark Duplass say that, it hit home and made me stand up, and take charge of my destiny for the first time in my life.      

My journey started with a shop.  A small shop, making things I knew I could make well, and selling them.  After a brief stint in that world, I knew that this wasn't what I wanted to do full time.  

The act of practicing a craft or making something by hand is one thing, but getting out there and selling it is a whole different experience.  My experience with craft shows has been, well, sadly not so pleasant I’m sorry to say.  

I would leave shows feeling defeated, completely drained, resentful, and feeling extremely small.  Not understanding why my beautiful things didn’t sell, or having to justify my prices to complete strangers who weren’t my ideal client anyways.  

I knew I had more to offer... a different part of my creativity that needed to come out, and so I knew I needed to make a change.  

I noticed the way people responded to my photography, more than the actual pieces themselves.  My photos sparked emotive responses from people, and I found myself dreaming of photoshoots rather than craft shows.

So, what will I be doing!?  I will be servicing other small businesses in the Philadelphia/Bucks County/Central Jersey area, helping them grow their businesses with photography, graphic design, social media management, branding, and so much more!  

That being said, hit me up if there’s something I can do for your or if you’d be interested in working together.  Even if you need to sit down over a cup of Earl Gray and hash some things out and bounce ideas around, feel free to contact me here.  You may have also noticed that I have listed my Photography and Services here online, so feel free to have a browse on those as well and contact me if you see something you like!



Margaret Perkins