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Book a custom consultation with Margaret. We will sit down together with a cup of Earl Grey between us on my couch, or at your favorite cafe, and we’ll brainstorm. We’ll dive deep into your goals, look at your brand, and discuss your vision. You’ll receive an unbridled, full-fledged creative, artistic, and philosophic discussion and visual feast for the eye in our time together.

Regardless of what you need, be it business advice, design help, a guide to help you brand your business, a little creative direction, or a sounding board for your ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Margaret is based between Philadelphia, New Hope, and the Princeton area. Willing to travel as far as New York City or surrounding areas. Please feel free to reach out directly to inquire about an online consultation, or to travel farther.

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Please contact me in the form below to inquire about pricing. Please be sure to include your timeline and the specifics of what services you require.

The reason why my prices are not listed is mostly because I work extremely closely with businesses, big and small, to help grow their reach through photography, marketing and design. Each person and each business is different. Each photoshoot or project is aimed for accomplishing different goals, and therefore requires differentiating amount of attention.

These differentiating factors could be styling, aesthetic consulting, props, additional photos, perhaps a little more attention to your Instagram, etc.

I tailor my services very carefully to suit your very specific needs. Please fill out the form below to inquire. I look forward to working with you!