free lightroom presets



Always wanted to create the perfect moody, or airy image, but just needed that little extra somethin'?  Me too.  I spent so many hours toiling away in Lightroom and Photoshop, trying to strike the perfect balance of shadows, light, contrast...  I knew exactly how I wanted my photos to look, so it made sense to just create presets to make the process even more automatic!  Creating presets for my photo editing has been my saving grace.  Presets have saved me so much precious time and uncertainty.  So I created a collection of Lightroom presets ranging from moody and dark, to bright and airy, from warm to cool.  There's something for everyone, and you can try them out for FREE!  That's right, I'm giving out 5 free Lightroom presets!  Whether you're just starting out in Lightroom, or even if you know a thing or two about photo editing, these presets are for everyone!  And guys, these presets are so versatile and can be easily tweaked and catered to your own brand and aesthetic.  

These presets are designated solely for photos that are shot in natural light. While shooting RAW is best, these will work on JPEG images as well.  Please keep in mind that like all presets, each preset is not ‘one-size-fits-all’, and will look different from photo to photo.  Some of these presets are designed for photos that are shot in dark, ‘blue hour’ cool light and need to be brightened or warmed, and conversely, there are presets designed for some photos that are shot in bright, warm light that could use a little bit of cooling off.

These presets are for you to explore your own editing skills and really hone in on your personal aesthetic.  I highly encourage you to play around with them.  Adjust the clarity and white balance, play with the exposure, and bump up the contrast to get it just right!  No two photos are alike.  I hope that these presets help you to get started on your photography and photo editing journey, and inspire you to create your own unique presets!

These presets are designed for the Lightroom Desktop application (Windows / MAC OSX), NOT THE MOBILE APP. If you don’t have Adobe Lightroom, you can try it for free on Adobe’s website.

To install the presets, simply drag and drop them into Lightroom, and start editing!

If you love your new presets, and wish to purchase the rest of the bundle, click here!