Consultation and Strategy Session I  We will sit down together with a cup of Earl Grey between us on my couch, or at your favorite cafe, and we’ll brainstorm.  We’ll dive deep into your goals, look at your brand, and discuss your vision.  You’ll receive an unbridled, full-fledged creative, artistic, and philosophic discussion and visual feast for the eye in our time together.  In this session, we will discuss your goals and your vision for your brand, and how we can accomplish those goals together through the art of visual storytelling.  

Social Media Strategy Calendar  After our meeting, I will work to establish a custom social media strategy that will exceed your needs and goals for your brand and business, and help you reach your dream clients.  This will include…

  • Instagram grid planning 

  • Unique Hashtags and brand copy written for each post

  • Pinterest branding development and daily maintenance 

  • Fine Photography for social media

Strategy Session II  During this session, I will present you with your new and improved social media game plan for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  We will go over everything in depth together, and make tweaks and refinements in order to reflect your vision.  

Branding Style Guide  This is a pdf document that I create for you dedicated to help us both stay on the same page with aesthetics, tone, voice, announcements, and overall vibes.  We will also go over a check list of daily, weekly, and monthly social media tasks.

A Month of Careful Curation  I’ll take over your social for 30 days, and you can get back to doing you for a while!

Strategy Session III  After 30 days, we will meet again to discuss what worked, what didn’t, and shift our strategy in order to whisper to your dream clients and customers even better than ever before.


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Instagram is the first handshake you will ever extend to your prospective client or customer. Visual Storytelling needs to be the object that sets you apart from your competition, and together we will create that story.

Building a strong social media presence begins first and foremost with excellent photography. Let me help you create a grid that will cause your ideal client to stop in their tracks, follow, engage, and immerse themselves in your world.