Organic Blush Beeswax Candles

Organic Blush Beeswax Candles

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Blush is the new black. Each one of these organic beeswax candles is hand poured, from the most beautiful organic beeswax, and dyed with a subtle shade of millennial pink. These candles provide a clean burn that is good for you, and for the environment - beeswax emits zero soot. Beeswax also burns longer than most, giving you the longest life out of these candles.

Available in 4 individual different sizes, or purchase a bundled set of 4 so that you have one of each size!

Handmade by Margaret.


Mini: 2” dia x 3” H

Tall Skinny: 2” dia x 6” H

Small Pillar: 3” dia x 3” H

Tall Pillar 3” dia x 6” H

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